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State Auditor Election Signage

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You will want to use the bulk of your campaign strategy planning on gaining visibility and recognition by the voters of your state. To accomplish this you will need to incorporate the use of banners, posters, political signs, magnets and bumperstickers to a greater degree than those candidates who are vying for offices which are well-known. Your election signs and marketing tools will bring your name and face to the forefront of the citizens of your state and will greatly enhance your effectiveness in reaching voters throughout your state. Much of your campaign will be accomplished through the use of posters, political signs, magnets and bumperstickers which can be distributed throughout your state with minimal campaign staff effort involved. Through your personal appearances and use of your banner you will be able to maximize the impact of your presence at events and community gatherings and convey to the voters the importance of their support and participation in the electoral process. Those communities which have been canvassed and had political signs posted prior to your arrival will feel that you bring a valuable message to their community.

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